Workshop: Discover your top 5 passions

Discover your 5 Top Passions and create a Passionate Life

This workshop is a wonderful self-introspection opportunity for women of all ages that want to create a productive life where they are living on purpose and according to their values.

Clarity doesn’t come from the mind, it comes from the heart. Each person is unique and has in their heart a blueprint of what their purpose in life is. When we discover that blueprint and create our life according to our passions, our life is purposeful, we are on fire and we create excellence in our projects.

Using the Passion Test methodology, Marinma Dorado, a Certified Facilitator of this method,  helps the audience to go down from their head to their heart and connect with what is more important and meaningful to them.

She helps them to discover their top 5 Life Passions, the five things that matter most to them, through a very special process that forces the person to be present in their heart.

She takes a volunteer through the process first, in order to teach how the method works and then the audience do it in pairs. People walk away with a list that will provide clarity in their decision making and energy in what they want to create.

Once people have their 5 Life Passions, Marinma will guide these women to produce Markers. The Markers are an ambitious vision of what would show up when the woman is living her passion.

Markers are not goals, but a compass that guide us towards our destination.

It is very important to define Markers because those would serve as indicators at any given time on whether we are choosing in favour of our passions.

Also, there is a three step process to help the attendees in creating their most passionate and purposeful life. Creating such a life is a process and it requires taking action and at the same time letting go and stop stressing after all possible actions have been taken.

Marinma will provide some guidelines in order to strike that balance between taking massive action and letting go and not going into stress.

This workshop is a balsam for the soul, an opportunity to let your hair down, rebel against a society that tells you that you should be very “rational” about your choices and let your heart speak. Your heart and your health will thank you for it and your will start a wonderful process of choosing in favour who you really are.

Duration: 3 hours

Clara Overes, a Dutch Certified Passion Test Facilitator, will also join to help the attendees that prefer to discover their 5 Passions in Dutch.

Join! Wednesday, 4th March 19:00-22:00 at TU Delft Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences (CEG), Building 23, Room HG 2.66. You can use this link for directions: Registration and payment is through this link: Cost: € 19.11. You will receive an invoice with VAT(BTW) that you can use for business purposes

Facilitator’s Bio

Marinma Dorado started her career in Madrid as a Chemical Engineer and then in London with a Master in Petroleum Engineering. She then embarked on an all out  international technical sales career in Houston and London. She enjoyed the interaction with people from all over the world but after a few years discovered that she was not “on purpose” and the work was not aligned with what her heart called her to do. She got trained in coaching and transformation in a personal development context and today she helps people from all over the world to create life, work and businesses that are meaningful to them.

You can contact her in Linkedin or follow her Website at