Control-based intimate relationships: prevent, identify, escape and thrive.


Join us for an eye-opening event at The Social Hub Hotel in Delft ( across Delft station), where you will learn tools and language to prevent, identify, and escape from control-based relationships in an intimate setting.

This Workshop is for people who:

  • are dating and need to identify “red flags” to prevent entering abusive relationships based on control and domination.
  • might be suffering already inside very controlling and undermining relationships and need strategies to set boundaries while they recover their autonomy, dignity, and self-confidence.
  • are preparing to escape a control-based relationship, which is the most potentially dangerous phase and needs to be treated with a lot of planning and sometimes secrecy.
  • are already in a post-relationship phase, who have already escaped a control-based relationship and want to create a thriving life. We will provide strategies to get started right away, without waiting to be totally healed.

More details:

In the International Week of Women, we are still looking at scary numbers in terms of the violence perpetrated against women (and some men).

Abusive, control-based relationships, have predictable patterns in all their key 3 phases: 1) in “recruiting” the potential target/victim, 2) in maintaining the victim entrapped, and 3) in blocking the possibility of an escape.

If you know the patterns it’s like a language: if you know the grammar and the language rules, you can learn to understand it and speak it.

Abuse and manipulation are the same: if you understand the patterns, you will be more protected from entering these relationships and will identify exactly what’s going on if you are inside one of them.

And if you want to escape, you could find a safe way to do it if you know what’s going on.

Many women (and some men) are influenced by the current thinking and say: “he/she does not hit me”, but they don’t understand the psychological, emotional, and financial consequences of psychological and emotional abuse in their lives.

They know their freedom is substantially limited, but they think that’s the price they need to pay to have a partner or a family.

They spend valuable energy every day in “appeasing” their partners and believe that more love and patience (or even time) will solve the problem, but it doesn’t work.

In this workshop, the patterns of manipulation will be exposed, so you can recover your freedom, dignity, and identity, or not ever lose them in their first place.

In this Workshop you will learn:

  • How to understand the tactics that get you trapped by an abuser: “too much, too soon, transformational” so you prevent getting inside their spider web.
  • You will learn terms that will help you put a name to certain typical tactics from controllers (those tactics are the same in every country in the world): “love-bombing”, “fake familiarity”, “intimacy avoidance”, “Gaslighting”, “word salad”, “silent treatment”, “intermittent reinforcement”, etc.
  • How the use of victimism and intimidation by abusers is a “double trap”. How to identify and prevent these tactics from having a psychological effect on you.
  • How “micromanaging of your daily life” by your male partner (and some women) has a more perverse cause than you think and can lead to the devastating consequences of coercive control.
  • How to understand the difference between a “pattern of abuse” and an “incident of abuse”.
  • Financial abuse: how do these relationships affect your finances?
  • You will see how to use this information laterally: prevent manipulation at work, by your family, be recruited by a cult or a pyramid scheme, etc.
  • How to escape: escape needs to be swift and smart: this is the most dangerous moment for a woman!
  • Finally: create your best life after escaping abuse. Get the lessons and move on with optimism and creativity. The world needs your best self!

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Individual Coaching Sessions available to help you prevent, identify and escape from control-based relationships and thrive afterwards.

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